Theatrical Instructor and Scenic Artist

J. Onderdonk Step-Into-the-Painting
J. Onderdonk Step-Into-the-Painting
Step-Into-the-Painting (Detail)
H. Dunton Step-Into-the-Painting
Oven Door (Sweeney Todd)
Cowboy Mouth
Trompe L'oeil Terracotta (Detail)
Bomb Shelter
Bomb Shelter (Detail)
Grass (Detail)
Floor Treatment (Detail)
The Shape of Things
Beach Backdrop
Beach Cloud (Detail)
Railroad Tracks
Railroad Tracks (Detail)
Railroad Tracks (Detail)
Anatomy of Gray
Anatomy of Gray
An Experiment With An Air Pump
Spitfire Grill
Escape Games (Installation)
Escape Games Tomb
Candy Cane Drop
Beckett Shorts
Addams Family Portraits
Addams Family Portal
Addams Family Fireplace
Escape Games Study
Marcus Is Walking
Street Signs (Detail)
Sign Installation

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Anatomy of Gray

Interpreted from designs by Kelly Vogel Instructing at JCCC 2012